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BonSilage combines two vital strains which provide a sound basis for an optimal fermentation pattern, thereby reducing fermentation losses to a minimum. 

Activity Profile

- Activation of lactic acid fermentation
- Reduced protein degradation
- Reduced respiration losses

A positive fermentation result in the silo through...

- enhanced fermentation quality
- efficient energy density
- high feed value

 Type of Additive  Biological silage additive
 Active Ingredients  Homofermentative lactic acid bacteria

 Better fermentation quality, more lactic acid, low butyric acid levels, reduced ammonia-N, more rumen bypass protein, reduced losses

 Higher feed intake, improved digestibility and energy concentration

 Enhanced livestock performance

 Principle uses  18 - 34% DM
 Lot Sizes  50g soluable powder for liquid application
 Dosage/tonne  1g in water at 2-4 litres - can also be used in microdosing applications