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Most of the reasons for the application of Bonsilage Stability Extra that are applied to wholecrop are also applied to maize. But there is one basic difference; that being the total fibre structure, and to meet this demand there is a different, but very crop specific enzyme package applied - developed by Realistic Agri. 

Rapid and efficient fermentation

Bonsilage Stability Extra is a new combination of lactic acid bacteria and enzymes. Thanks to this combination of highly active homo and heterofermentative lactic acid bacteria it is possible to achieve an optimisation of fermentation plus an improvement of the aerobic stability. The right concentration of active ensilling-specialists (bacteria and enzymes) per Kg of silage take care of a rapid and efficient fermentation. The recommended range of dry matters for silages:30-45%DM. A good silaging technique is required - especially quick harvest and a good pressure (200Kg DM/m3)

Most people find it is a much easier forage crop to manage, but to ensure its full potential it is important to harvest it at the right stage and then keep it stable in the clamp, both in storage and at feedout. BonSilage Stability Extra will play an important role in realising the full potential of this valuable crop. The important aims are to get a good fermentation, create aerobic stability and increase digestability.

 Type of Additive 100% biological inoculant
 Active Ingredients  A combination of highly active homo- and heterofermentative lactic acid bacteria as well as a very powerful enzyme formulation: Other enzymes are present in smaller amounts

 Quality management for wholecrop silages, Optimisation of fermentation, Improvement of aerobic stability, Increased feed intake, Enhanced digestibility

 Principle uses  30-45% DM
 Package Size
 50g dispersable powder
 Dosage  1g per tonne of fresh matter silage to be dispersed in 2 litres of water or upto 4 litres if crop is very dry - can also be used in microdosing applications