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An integral part of successful dry cow management

Many vets and nutritionists agree that the two weeks before calving is the most critical time in influencing a cow's performance in her lactation. Experience with this style of dry cow management has seen improved cow health and performance, better calf viability and reduced calf problems.

The Result

More productive dairy herds, reduced stress of stockmen, happier and more profitable farmers. Drycare can offer fantastic results and supply the correct combination and balance of minerals, vitamins and trace elements.

Successfully simple! Get your cows away to a flying start!

How does Drycare One meet the requirements?

- Drycare One has the correct combination and balance of minerals, vitamins and trace elements
- Drycare One contains high quality proteins protected with Bioprotect
- Drycare One contains Pro90 which is a unique energy precursor and will boost blood glucose levels and stimulate liver function

Making it very cost effective.

To get cows away to a flying start you need to:

- Control body conditions of dry cows
- Increase the plane of energy intake about 2/3 weeks pre-calving
- Feed sufficient quality protein in the late dry period
- Manage feeding to avoid milk fever
- Maximise rumen volume

Feeding Requirements:

Drycare One should be fed at 1 kilo per cow per day from approximately 14 days pre-calving with a basic diet of limited grass or silage and maximum straw availability.